Monday, October 1, 2012

Bridges Writing Competition : Social Harmony between Men and Women

Bridges Writing Competition
Social Harmony between Men and Women
Organized By : MAC Club, The Forgotten Writers Foundation & Alexandria Regional Centre for Women's Health and Development

The cooperation between both sexes has always been a subject that deserves further contemplation, for this communication or so called “harmony” creates the next generation. Write a piece in any form of (short story / diary / essay) from 500 to 2000 words that reveals the differences between both genders and building a bridge to fill this gap.

The aim behind this competition is to explore the contemporary minds of our generation towards variables as sexism, feminism, democracy, and discrimination in this subject, and make use of the solutions suggested.

We seek in your content originality, creativity, and sophistication, for we do not aim at discussing the same ideas again and again, we do not seek repetition. However, we do seek the birth of new theories and knowledge. We seek to offer the world new pieces of advice through YOU.

The competition is also international, to stimulate diversity in our case study and be able to build bridges between different cultures and not only between genders.

All participants will be mentioned in our newsletters and all submissions will be used in our research projects. The best pieces will be used for publication.

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