Sunday, April 15, 2012

TEDxAlexandriaU 2012

TEDx AlexandriaU is an independently organized conference of aspiring volunteers who wanted to present TED to the Alexandrian community. In 2011, Alexandria witnessed the launch of the first self-organized TED event in Alexandria, Egypt with versatile ideas in the fields of technology, art, and entertainment. With its videos available for online viewing, TEDx AlexandriaU 2011 came to influence many. This year, its volunteering staff members wish to present TEDx AlexandriaU in an improved and a more influential manner.

   In 2012, TEDx AlexandriaU aims to tackle different ideas under the umbrella of the Egyptian culture.  With speakers being auditioned and recommended by their friends and admirers, it is certain that this year will be a TED-like experience with an Egyptian flavor.

   The raw influence of unique ideas gives life a worth and an appeal. Every country enjoys its own identity and culture. That is why they chose our Egyptian culture as this year's theme; to revive what belongs to us; what is withering under the pressure of globalization and open online communication.  And, to our surprise, we found numerous speakers with invaluable ideas pertaining to our identity and culture and all the topics that it can foster.   

   TED signifies the value of ideas and the impact they can engender. With the availability of holding an independent, self-organized TED event in any place around the world, all those with ideas worth spreading can stand up, inhale deeply, and spread their ideas like the sweetest aromas. 

 TEDxAlexandriaU 2012 will be held in May in bibliotheca Alexandrina. You can communicate with TEDxAlexnandriaU through:

§  Facebook page:

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